Andrés Zaragoza is the Senior Legal Adviser and Extractive Sector Lead at BHRC. Andrés led International Service for Human Rights’ work on business and human rights since 2020, working with human rights defenders in advocacy at the UN and regional systems, providing training to NGOs and managing the Business Network for Civic Freedoms and Human Rights Defenders, where global companies and investors discuss the most pressing issues affecting civic space in weak governance and high-risk areas. Previously, Andrés worked at the World Economic Forum’s Global Battery Alliance, leading the work on critical minerals. He also worked at the International Peace Information Service, engaging local communities in DR-Congo and analysing the conflict dynamics linked to exploitation of critical minerals. Along his career, he has focused on the implementation of human rights due diligence along global supply chains and in high-risk areas. He also worked at the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoCA), a multi-stakeholder initiative involving private sector, States and NGOs in raising standards in the private security sector globally. Andrés holds a master’s degree on human rights from the University of Essex. He works in English, Spanish and French. His academic background is in law and business administration and management.