Sudipta Purkayastha joined Global Rights Compliance in 2020 as a Legal Adviser and is currently a member of the Business and Human Rights team. In this role, she provides legal advice and analysis to companies in the extractive industry operating in high-risk and conflict areas, including assessments of human rights violations in their supply chains or operations. Sudipta has previously worked on a wide range of projects concerning international criminal law, international humanitarian law, and human rights law. Since 2020, she has been a member of the defence team of Jovica Stanišić before the UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, where she has conducted evidential analysis and supported the drafting of written submissions. Sudipta has dual qualification in England and Wales, and India. Sudipta holds a Master of Laws (International Law) from the University of Cambridge (Queens’ College). She completed her Bachelor of Laws at Gujarat National Law University, India.